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Bike Cream


Brand/Manufacturer : Ride Mechanic

Type/Category : Chain Lubricants

Gender : NA

Size : NA

SKU (Product Id) : B0029


Bike Cream is recommended as the preferred drivetrain lubricant on sealed riding surfaces (endurance road or commuter) and in very cold riding conditions..  

The long-lasting lubricant formulation penetrates and spreads to coat and protect the inside and outside surfaces of the chain. The metal coating ability assists the chain runs smooth and quiet for long distances.

Bike Cream is an exceptional durable-wet-fluid chain lube because it:

◦ Performs reliably at all riding temperature including very cold (down to -20C) without thickening or solidifying.
◦ Effectively penetrates and coats inside and outside surfaces of chain with wet-fluid protection.
◦ Can be applied immediately before riding (thoroughly wipe-down chain to remove excess lube).
◦ Very economical with recommended application 2-3ml every 400km in normal ride conditions (115ml bottle = 15,000km).
◦ Non-flammable to aid transport and storage.

◦ Can be mixed with BIKE MILK (clean-dry-film) to make customised lubricant for specific conditions e.g. for endurance MTB events.

◦ Proudly created and made in Australia.

Technical Specification:


1)      Adjust chain onto smallest rear sprocket.
2)      Shake BIKE CREAM vigorously to re-suspend and disperse the solid lubricant.
3)      Thoroughly clean excess grime and contaminants from chain by wiping & rubbing with rag.  If excessively dirty then fully degrease the drivetrain.
4)      Ensure chain is dry before application.
5)      Rotate chain backwards and slowly apply BIKE CREAM onto moving chain.  Alternatively, apply a drop of BIKE CREAM onto each roller.  The chain should be visibly coated with BIKE CREAM, but not dripping. A standard application requires 2-3ml.
6)      Continue reverse chain rotation for 5 seconds to allow BIKE CREAM to penetrate, clean and coat all surfaces of the chain. 
7)      Thoroughly wipe excess BIKE CREAM off chain using dry cloth. This is important because excess BIKE CREAM can spray and contaminate braking surfaces or other areas of the bike. 
8)      Repeat this dry/apply/lube/wipe process as required.  For better protection and cleaning after wet ride then a double application is recommended. 

A thorough driverain degrease is recommended before first time application of Bike Cream on a chain. 

The BIKE CREAM coats the metal surface with a protective water-repellant layer on both the inner and outer surfaces of the drivetrain.  If the gaps inside the chain (between rollers, pins and plates) are packed with the tenacious and durable lubricant it will help prevent dirt and water from wicking into the gaps and increasing friction and wear. 

After a wet ride remember to ensure the bike is thoroughly dried, cleaned and lubed to protect against corrosion.
LIMITATIONS: As a durable-wet-fluid Bike Cream will attract dust and is not recomended for rides in dusty conditions e.g. MTB.  For dusty riding conditions under 4h BIKE MILK is the better lubricant option. 

Regular lubrication of a roadbike chain with Bike Cream will improve drivetrain performance and protection. If the drivetrain retains dirt particles and corrosive contaminants the result will be damage and excess chain and drivetrain noise.

Highly penetrating BIKE CREAM lubricant and protectant works most effectively when it is worked into a moving bicycle chain.  The movement of the links, pins and rollers during application directs the penetrating fluid onto the hidden moving surfaces of the pins, rollers and plates.    When BIKE CREAM targets these areas it forms a lubricating and protective waterproof film on all contact points of the cycle chain. By coating the pins and rollers BIKE CREAM is effectively sealing access points to the inner surfaces preventing further ingress of water, dirt and other contaminants. 

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